When You’re A Seller Trying to Sell Your Home

by gerryoliver on May 24, 2011

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When you’re a seller trying to sell your home, there are a few things you do not want to do. I am providing a small list of the things that I think should not take place when dealing with an offer that you have in hand that is clean and makes sense and a broker who is working hard for you.

1. If you hired a broker, do not try to contact the potential buyer of your property. When you attempt to do to do this, all that takes place is an unease about the whole situation. As most buyers understand when they go through the buying process all paper is handled by the brokers and brokers only

2. Don’t ask the agents to drop their commissions. When buyers agents are in the field showing homes to buyers, it takes a  lot of work and also expense to take a buyer through the process of buying home. With listing agents, you have sign cost, add cost, gas cost, open house costs, and other things that add up. Not to mention the very late night meetings that agents are willing to do for their people. Most agents are willing to do most anything for their people, but all brokers & their respected companies have guidelines that need to be followed in respect to their commissions. When brokerages agree to list properties, they also agree to compensation. If the brokers are holding up their end of the deal, then you as a seller should hold up yours as well.

3. You cannot hire a Broker then have no trust in him. If you do that, then you should ask the question why did I hire this guy.

4. If your home has been on the market for a year as a FSBO and you had no interest whatsoever and you hire a brokerage and tons of activity starts to happen. Try not to think that you can now save a few bucks and takeover the selling of your home. Brokers don’t have magic dust they sprinkle and things start to happen. Things happen because they are working hard and doing marketing for your property. Brokers are doing what they have been trained to do. Market and get your home sold.

Now I understand the stress that comes with selling your home. The broker you decided to hire is there to help take the stress of it away. Just remember to let them work for you and do what they do best. Which is market & get your home sold for the highest dollar amount the market will bare.

Happy home selling, and if your looking to get your home sold in the Whidbey Island, Oak Harbor area, then give Go Realty a call. Our Go team is here to work with you! Below you can fill out a free Home Value Report. “GoWithGo”  Whidbey Island Real Estate – Whidbey Island Homes For Sale

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